Q. Must I be a WHCC client to order a Backdrop?

  • No, you don’t need to be a WHCC client to purchase backdrops.

Q. Do I log in using my WHCC account number and password?

  • No, you will not log in with your WHCC account.

Q. What size are the backdrops?

  • All backdrops are available in either 10' x 8' or 6' x 8'. 

Q. What is the turnaround time?

  • Your order will ship within 2-3 business days of purchase.

Q. How are the Backdrops packaged?

  • Backdrops are folded, secured in a poly bag, and placed into a cardboard box for shipping. A cardboard flat is placed on top of the backdrop within the box so that when it is opened you do not cut the backdrop.
Q. How are the Floors packaged?
  • The Floors are rolled and wrapped in a polo bag before being put into a tube for shipping.

Q. How are the Backdrops and Floors shipped?

  • Ground shipping is included to the continental USA. Orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or US Territories will ship by USPS Priority Mail.

Q. Can I print my own custom Backdrop or Floor?

  • Not at this time but please send your feedback and suggestions to backdrops@whcc.com. We will continue to grow our line of Backdrops and Floors based upon client suggestions and feedback.

Q. Can I wash my Backdrop?

  • The backdrops can be machine washed, but to avoid fading we suggest doing so delicately, in cold water on a gentle cycle, and only if necessary. Please see our Care For Instructions. Do not dry clean the backdrops.

Q. Why is the wrinkle-free 100% Polyester fabric of these backdrops better than other fabrics?

  • The wrinkle-free 100% Polyester makes it easy to store and transport the Backdrops. More traditional hand-painted backdrops on muslin or canvas fabric tends to wrinkle easily and needs to be steamed. Our Backdrops can easily be pulled out of a storage container, hung, and photographed immediately. Our 100% Polyester fabric is also fire retardant.

Q. How are the Backdrops made?

  • We use an environmentally friendly, latex ink based printer to print directly onto the fabric of the Backdrop. By using a printer, we are able to ensure each Backdrop is consistent in color quality and pattern.  

Q. Will the color of the Backdrop look just like what I see on my computer screen?

  • Due to limitations of the printing technology and computer monitors, the colors you see on website may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product colors. The images online are intended to be used as a guide only. We do not guarantee or warrant the colors shown on our website to be 100% accurate.


Q. What is the average lifespan of the Backdrops and Floors?

  • If stored and cared for properly, the Backdrops should last a long time.

Q. What sizes do the Floors come in?
  • Floors come in three sizes, 4'x8', 8'x8', and 12'x8', and come in sections that are 4'x8'. For example an 8'x8 would come as two 4'x8' sections.
Q. What material are the Floors printed on?
  • All floors are printed on polyester and adhered to neoprene (similar to a mouse pad).


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